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Burzynski Research Institute, Inc. (BRI) is headquartered in Houston, TX and has a research facility in Stafford, TX. BRI was incorporated in 1984 in order to engage in the development of growth-inhibiting peptides, amino acid derivatives and organic acids, which are known under the trade name “Antineoplastons”. Shares of BRI are publically traded under the ticker symbol BZYR.
An Investigational New Drug (IND) Application submitted to the FDA was approved in 1993 (IND # 43,742). Under the terms of the IND, Antineoplastons (ANPs) can be investigated in FDA reviewed and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved clinical trials.
On September 3, 2004, the FDA granted the Company’s request for ‘orphan drug designation’ (ODD) for ANPs A10 and AS2-1 (used in combination) for the treatment of patients with brain stem gliomas. On October 30, 2008, the FDA granted BRI’s request for ODD for ANPs A10 and AS2-1 (used in combination) for the treatment of all pediatric and adult gliomas. ODD qualifies the IND holder for various development incentives, including tax credits for qualified clinical testing.
BRI’s Directors and Executive Officers are: 
Name Office
Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. Director and President
Barbara Burzynski, M.D. Director
Carlton Hazelwood, Ph.D. Director
Gregory S. Burzynski, M.D. Director
Patryk P. Goscianski, M.B.A. Treasurer and Secretary
Tomasz Janicki, M.D. Vice President of Clinical Trials



Work in Progress

Since 1993, patients with a variety of advanced cancers have been enrolled in Phase II clinical trials of Antineoplastons. Based on their review of BRI’s Investigator Brochure and annual reports, the FDA, in its communication with BRI dated March 31, 2014, advised end-of phase II meetings for the following brain and brainstem tumors: grade 3 anaplastic gliomas, specifically anaplastic astrocytoma, anaplastic oligodendroglioma, and mixed oligoastrocytoma, grade 2 gliomas, specifically diffuse astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, mixed oligoastrocytoma, and all brainstem gliomas. For all of these brain and brainstem tumors, the FDA believes that phase II safety and efficacy results justify further drug development.

Dr. S. R. Burzynski

Dr. S. R. Burzynski is the author/co-author of over 300 scientific publication/presentations. He has collaborated with investigators at the NCI, the Medical College of Georgia, the Imperial College of Science and Technology of London, the University of Kurume Medical School in Japan, and the University of Turin Medical School in Italy, among others. He is a member of several prestigious organizations, including the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), the Society for Neuroscience, the Society for Neuro-oncology, the Royal Medical Association (U.K.), and the Academy of Medical Ethics. As of June 2015, he holds 244 patents in 35 countries covering 17 proprietary scientific inventions 

Contact Information

For Further Information, contact Dr. S.R. Burzynski at +1 (713) 335-5664.

State of Incorporation

The Burzynski Research Institute, Inc. (BRI) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware in 1984 in order to engage in the research, production, marketing, promotion and sale of certain medical chemical compounds composed of growth-inhibiting peptides, amino acid derivatives and organic acids which are known under the trade name antineoplastons.


Shares of Burzynski Research Institute are publicly traded with ticker symbol BZYR.

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