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In 1967, Dr. S.R. Burzynski identified naturally occurring human peptides, which were deficient in cancer patients. He concluded that these peptides played a role in preventing the growth of cancer cells. One hundred and nineteen peptide fractions were subsequently tested for their effect on the growth of malignant and normal cells. Those peptide fractions that inhibited the growth of malignant cells, but did not inhibit normal cells, were named Antineoplastons (ANPs). 

The ANP that showed the most promise in phase I studies was purified and its active components (A10 and AS2-1) were identified. ANP therapy consists of the sequential IV injection of A10 and AS2-1 every four hours. 
Antineoplastons are investigational agents that are used to treat patients in clinical trials after FDA-review and IRB approval.

Access to Investigational Agents

Patients may gain access to investigational agents through clinical trials and expanded access programs (EAPS). Clinical trials are research studies that are designed to determine if an investigational agent is safe and effective for patients. EAPS allow a limited group of patients, who are not eligible for clinical trials and meet specific criteria, to have access to investigational agents. 

Clinical Trials  

Information concerning BRI clinical trials can be obtained from Mr. Tomasz Janicki at + 1-713-335-5662. 
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